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Health Care Team

In Pratiksha Hospital your health care team consists of healthcare professionals who will take care of your entire hospital stay. Apart from doctors and nurses, you will come across therapists, nurse assistants, dietitians, laboratory technicians, housekeeping staff and patient care representatives. 

Your Health care team includes :

Doctors and nurses are your health care team members whom you will see most often. Your doctor plans and directs your care. However, residents, interns and doctor assistants may assist. As Pratiksha Hospital is a teaching hospital, students from our School of Nursing may also participate in your care under the direct supervision of our qualified medical professionals.


Discharge Process

Your doctor will determine when you are ready to leave the hospital. Your doctor will prepare your discharge order. Your health care team will prepare you for discharge during your hospital stay. 

Discharge Time

Discharge times varies for each patient depending upon the care they have received and they will need when they go home. Most patients are discharged by 12:00 Noon. You should discuss your discharge time with your doctor the day before you are scheduled to go home.

Discharge Information

Your doctor and nurse will give you instructions and talk to you about your post-hospital care. If you have any questions about your diet, medications, activities or anything else, please be sure to ask a member of your health care team before you leave the hospital. Your care team will also give you contact information if you have questions about your care after you go home.

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