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Accurate diagnosis of the cause of infertility, prior to treatment, is the key to our success with fertility treatment.

To know the root cause of the infertility, we may ask you for your Blood Hormone Report, semen analysis and Ultrasonography report initially. In some cases depending on needs we may go for Operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

The cause of infertility may be because of a problem from only male side or from only female side or from both sides.

This page outlines a simple infertility management programme where the diagnosis for the cause of infertility can be made within one menstrual cycle.

These are all hormones that control the menstrual cycle and can affect egg quality and ovulation.

This involves an operation in which a telescope is inserted through the belly button (5 mm incision) so that the tubes and ovaries can be observed clearly.

Dye is injected to check that the tubes are patent (open).

Hysteroscopy is combined with this procedure where a telescope is inserted into the uterine cavity so that the internal contours of the uterus, lining and other internal abnormalities like polyps, myomas, septum and synechia(Intra-uterine adhesions) can be seen and managed.

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