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Since the conception of Pratiksha Hospital, We have provided services & care to the patients with a centre of excellence, and over the years we have earned the admiration of many experts and professionals.

Pratiksha Hospital has a team approach to infertility treatment, the academically-oriented and well trained staff equiped with the state of the ART technology prides itself on providing exceptional personalized care, supports & compassionate treatment options.

We have the experience of training 'colleagues' and helping in establishing new centres, however with the increase in demand, we initiated a special course that can be customized according to the needs of candidates.This course includes live lectures, observation of actual IVF cases and the training provided by highly qualified O&G clinicians, embryologist and andrologists.


Objective of the course is to provide participants with a unique training opportunity, documented-upon completion of the course in a certificate of attendance.

Course Details:

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How to Apply:



You have to download the below  "application form" , fill in the details and send to us at the email:

Application form :



"Being an out of state resident and time being a major constraint, the comprehensive training given at the Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati on ART has given me a boost to recognize my weakness and I expect to incorporate the principles learnt through this course in my practice hence.

It’s been a pleasure to be trained under a competent and sensitive physician like Dr Pramod Sharma who is a prize to the medical profession. Sir, the session held by you has taught me how to have better understanding of the cases we handle and how to get a better outcome from it.

The learning at the Andrology unit and at the IVF laboratory will make any aspirant of this course feel empowered..

Good luck to the entire team of Pratiksha.."


                                                                                     -- DR. NAHID. FARZIN AHMED from ANDRA PRADESH

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