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Not more than a decade ago dentistry was all about extractions & ugly metal fillings ,but today with advancement in the field of science and technology the field of dentistry has undergone a sea of change.
Extractions are no longer the primary treatment protocol of dental pain, ugly looking metal restorations are no longer preferred .If you do not have a single tooth remaining in your mouth, that doesn’t mean you cannot get them fixed again. Crooked mal aligned teeth can now be corrected in a shorter span.
At Pratiksha we strive to give you quality dental treatment at affordable cost. All materials that we use be it restorative materials (material for fillings),dental implants, dental crowns and bridges are international branded products. Another thing that we follow as a strict protocol is sterilization of our equipments.        


  1. Esthetic/cosmetic dentistry 
  2. Endodontics & conservative dentistry
  3. Oral Surgery
  4. Prosthodontics
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Periodontology
  7. Implantology
  8. Digital Radiography


Patient Education

  • LAMINATES/VENEERS : These are shell like coverings for your teeth to compensate for teeth discolourations ,intrinsic stains,developmental anomalies ,spacingsetc .In simple terms laminates are very similar to contact lenses of eyes.They can be fitted to the facial surface of you teeth and they can be fabricated in various shades.
  • DENTAL CROWNS: Dental crowns are laboratory fabricated coverings for your teeth that are usually placed in case of fractured teeth,RCT treated teeth & severely attrited teeth(teeth with enamel wear out) which become very sensitive to stimulus.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CROWN:The most economical crown you can get,but they are unaesthetic .Almost unacceptable for anteriors.
  • PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL CROWN (PFM): These crowns have a base layer of metal coated with a superficial layer of porcelain.They come closer to the look of real teeth and provide strength and durability.However over a certain period metal present in the base layer may start to show up at the margins and there also chances of porcelain layer chipping off making it look really unaesthetic.
  • ALL CERAMIC CROWNS : Z irconia/Lithium disilicate crowns .Although an expensive option these crowns are worth every penny you spend.Absence of metal layer give these crowns a highly translucent appearance almost at par with natural teeth.If fabricated and fitted properly it is almost impossible to detect the presence of these crowns in the dention.
    • LAVA CROWNS AND BRIDGES:Lava by 3M ESPE come with a limited 15 years warranty.
      • -You will receive a warranty card from the company.
      • The warranty card will contain a genuine LAVA authentication label
      • You can visit www.lava-elite.com to verify the secure code and restoration   authenticity.
    • FIXED PARTIAL DENTURE (FPD) / Bridges :see above (DENTAL CROWNS). These are nothing but dental crowns fused together making them one unit and any healthy or RCT treated teeth ,implants present in the dentition act as pillars for the bridge. Things to keep in mind before going for a bridge: 
      • Adequate support from abutment tooth(teeth acting as pillars) is needed for fabrication of bridge else it will result in failure.
      • If number of abutments is not enough for stability of the bridge then implants can be put wherever necessary to give support to the prosthesis.
    • Dental Implants: Dental implants are made of titanium, screw like anchors which are particularly suited for fusing with human bone .Once inserted into the jaw they act as permanent replacements for tooth roots and become the stable support one custom made replacement tooth or more. When can an implant be beneficial for you?
      • If you are missing a single toothone implant with a crown can eliminate the need for tooth grinding and /or root canal of adjacent teeth.The need for more than one crown may also be eliminated.
      • If you are missing several teeth Implants eliminate the need for dentures which can irritate sensitive gum tissue, cause bone loss and offer only 40 % of you true natural chewing ability.
      • If you have no teeth:Implants can help stabilize and anchor yordentures.Dentures are actually not the best replacement for natural teeth.Denture usage may lead to gum sores , increased boneloss ,reduced chewing ability and general discomfort.2-4 implants can easily eliminate these problems and give you strong useful mastication and the confidence to smile.    Several implants with crowns can offer you permanent teeth and give you back the sensation of having real teeth.
  • REMOVABLE COMPLETE DENTURES/ PARTIAL DENTURES :These are very common mode of replacement of missing teeth because they are the least expensive.Now a days the availability of FLEXIBLE REMOVABLE dentures has added a new dimension to rehabilitation with removable dentures.These flexible dentures are less bulky ,are comfortable to wear and above all are flexible due to which they put less stress on the tissues underneath.
  • ORAL PROPHYLAXIS/SCALING/ROOT PLANING : Accumulation of deposits(plaque) in teeth due to improper brushing and habits like smoking,panchewing,excessive intake of tea ,coffee etc may lead to stain formation on tooth surface .Presence of plaque then leads to calculus formation.If left untreated for a long time these can lead to gum recession, gum inflammation and other periodontal conditions.A professional cleaning procedure (Scaling) is recommended every 6 months for maintenance of good healthy teeth and gums. Scaling is a painless and safe procedure done usually with an ultrasonic scaler.
  • TEETH WHITENING/BLEACHING : Extrinsic stains(superficial stains) can be removed with routine scaling procedures but intrinsic stains(stains that have got absorbed by the tooth surface) cannot be removed by scaling. For removal of these stains certain chemicals are applied to the teeth surfaces which lighten the shade of the teeth. There are many causes of teeth discolouration
    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Tobacco
    • Wine & Cola drinks consumed in excess
    • Chlorhexidine
    • Tetracycline
    • Enamel Hypoplasia
    • Flurosis
    • Age of the tooth:The teeth become more yellow or opaque and generally have a darker hue ,usually after 50 yrs of age. The various whitening procedures include:-
      • In office bleaching:Which is done directly by the professional dentist.
      • At home bleaching;The dentist fabricates a custom made tray that can be placed on one’s teeth and patient can apply them at home.
  • DENTAL BONDING/ TOOTH COLORED AESTHETIC RESTORATIONS: Chipped tooth or partially broken tooth can be repaired by bonding technique .In this procedure Tooth coloured materials called composites are used to fabricate the broken part, any spacing can be closed by this procedure. Cavities can now be filled with these tooth coloured highly aesthetic filling materials instead of the conventionally used amalgam fillings which are deemed unaesthetic.
  • ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT/BRACES: Malaligned teeth can cause lots of problems .They may lead to abnormal appearance of face, difficulty or discomfort when biting or chewing,Speech difficulties & mouth breathing ..etc above all it makes the person conscious about the smile. All these malalignment can be corrected with orthodontic treatment with wires and other orthodontic appliances. Treatment takes a few months to more than a year depending on the severity of the case.With advent of new techniques and bracket system Adult Orthodontics has become possible and is very popular now a days.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Arpan Kumar Chetiya
BDS from DSCDS Bangalore under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Karnataka.
Advance Certification in Implantology & Orthodontics ( New Delhi)



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