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The department of Paediatrics at Pratiksha Hospital is committed to provide best of comprehensive medical care to all the children below 18 years.
The department provides specialized care in sub-specialties apart from excellent general Pediatrics and primary care. Currently, the department is structured around the following sub-specialties of Pediatrics: - Developmental Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Acute Care, Intensive Care, Neonatology, Orthopedics Surgery, Pediatric surgery, Pediatric nephrology, Pediatric ENT, Pediatric Ophthalmology.


The department of Paediatrics provides patient care through following service areas.
  • Paediatric Emergency Services
  • Out Patient Department (OPDs)
  • Paediatric Day Care Services
  • Paediatric Indoor Services
  • Paediatric Intensive Care


Patient can take telephonic appointment from private OPD reception any time from 8am-8pm or can walk in at Private OPD counter and take an appointment
Round the clock on all days (24x7) services are provided for Paediatrics emergencies by department of Paediatrics. The consultants and junior residents sees all pediatric patients on duty. Those having non-urgent problem are advised home treatment and follow in outpatient department. Those who need hospitalization are admitted in Paediatrics ward, daycare or paediatric intensive care unit according to clinical condition and care needed for the child. A consultant specially trained in emergency paediatrics supervises these services.
The patient who need short stay either for some investigation, treatment or procedure are admitted in day care and then discharged after doing the needed intervention. There is procedure room to conduct the paediatric procedures. Facilities for procedural sedation and analgesia are also available in procedure room.
The children needing hospitalization for diagnostic or therapeutic interventions are admitted to either Paediatric wards or paediatric intensive care unit depending on underlying disease and its severity.


Our NICU has 3 ventilators and 2 CAP machines along with multichannel monitors attached with each bed. We have got five phototherapy units.

Special Features

This centre is well known as one of the leading IVF centre in entire north eastern region and hence caring and saving babies from 26 weeks onwards. We have one of the largest units with 12 beds and 800-100 admissions per annum.
The unit now offers a special lactation room where mothers can catch a nap as well as express their milk through latest pumps available.
We are proud to have a team of sisters in NICU dedicated for lactational counselling who takes sessions on advantages and techniques of breast-feeding and helps mother with expression of breast milk.

Patient Education

Do's and Don'ts of New-born care
  • Baby should be given only breast milk for first six months of life.
  • Exclusive breast feeding means nothing except breast-feeds not even water, ghuttis, gripe water, tonics or any form of milk.
  • Babies need proper clothes, which covers them properly especially head, hands and feet. They should not be over clothed as well.
  • Babies pass watery stools after first 3-4 days of life especially after feeding which is normal for them.
  • A baby, who is feeding well, will be passing urine at least 8-10 times a day.
  • Babies don't need any Kajal, Surma, Talcum powder or daily bath. Bathing should be postponed for first few days after birth. A good rule to follow is delay bath till umbilical cord falls.
  • Vaccination is the most cost-effective way of health for children.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Partha Pratim Borah
Neonatology Training (MAMC/New Delhi)
Dr. Mridu Plaban Borah
M.B.B.S. - Assam Medical College, 2000
M.D. Pediatrics, Guwahati Medical College, 2007
Fellowship Pediatric Nephrology (IPNA), AIIMS, 2009
Dr. Nayan Mani Deka
MD Pediatrics
Trained in Pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care (PICU/NICU)



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