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Juhi Chawla inaugurates the largest speciality hospital for women -W hospital

W Hospital, India’s largest specialty hospital for women, opened in the presence of actress Juhi Chawla, renowned women healthcare specialist, Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, and other dignitaries. Welcoming the latest addition to Gurgaon’s healthcare infrastructure, medical experts said such specialized facilities would go a long way in addressing women’s health concerns.

The one-of-its-kind, ultra-modern facility with 100 beds is exclusively focused on fulfilling all healthcare needs of women and young children. Set up by the Pratiksha Hospitals Group, it offers latest technology and world-class infrastructure in gynecology to cater to women of all age groups, from adolescence to menopausal and post-menopausal. Also available are specialty services related to IVF, maternity, neo-natology and pediatrics. The ambience, though luxurious, offers a home-like environment to serve every woman’s individual health needs. Apart from treatment-oriented service, W Hospital focuses equally on providing awareness and education to women, on the importance of preventive health check-ups, and on emotional and mental health wellness programs. (Read: Premium birthing centres – luxury suites and facilities for the rich!)

Addressing the audience on the occasion, actress Juhi Chawla said: " I am overjoyed to witness the opening of W Hospital, the first niche hospital in the region meant exclusively for women and children. It helps fulfil a long-felt need for a world-class facility which can provide end-to-end care for all health challenges confronting women. Issues related to women’s well-being have always been close to my heart, and as a mother of two children, I well understand that the health of a woman does not relate to her alone – it also has a deep impact on families and communities and well-being of children. The country needs more such facilities specializing in women’s health, and I hope this is the beginning of a new trend in Indian healthcare."

‘It is time we women become more responsible towards our own health. Our modern lifestyles and aspirations mean we are busier than ever before. We juggle multiple roles and try to be – and indeed are – superwomen. But this lifestyle takes a toll on our physical health and emotional well-being. It is important for us to be proactive in maintaining and improving our health rather than only waking up after we lose it. Today, on the occasion of International Women’s day, I would urge every woman to make her health number-one priority in life,’Juhi Chawla added.

Said Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Chairman, Pratiksha Hospitals, a renowned infertility specialist who has successfully delivered 5,000 test tube babies: ‘In the last two decades, there have been many advancements in the field of female medicine, like genetics, in-vitro fertilisation, minimal invasive surgery, reproductive endocrinology and oncology (cancer). Each of these aspects of women’s healthcare is a medical field by itself and general hospitals, by their very nature, are unable to focus on a singular health aspect. Only a super-specialty hospital, with relevant clinical expertise, infrastructure and human resources, can leverage the latest breakthroughs in medical science and redefine the quality of healthcare provided to women. The W Hospital fulfills this need.’

Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma added: ‘With modern lifestyle, women are facing new healthcare challenges. The incidence of obesity, infertility, hormonal disorders, and breast and cervical cancer is rising in urban women as they cope with family and work pressures. I have long felt that Indian healthcare needs a paradigm shift towards better understanding of healthcare problems facing today’s women. W Hospital is the result of 20 long years spent in forming the right team of specialists and training them under the world’s best experts in different fields of women healthcare. I am sure it will revolutionize provision of healthcare delivery for women. We have taken a holistic and life-cycle approach to women’s health and recognise that by nurturing women and children today, we are helping care for our future generation.’

Dr. Ragini Agrawal, Director, Medical Services, W Hospital, said: ‘The W Hospital is a dedicated facility where a woman can come and discuss all aspects of her health with specialists. Not all health problems relate to physical diseases. Severe emotional trauma or stress can also lead to a disease-like situation, so we have specialists to cater to emotional health of women too. The W Hospital is among the few hospitals in the country to also focus on adolescent girls. We want to catch them young and screen them early for health disorders. For example, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is the most common disease in adolescent women today. Every third woman is suffering from it due to lifestyle issues. If left untreated and allowed to reach maturity, PCOD can become severe and lead to infertility, diabetes, hypertension and even heart attack. The W Hospital has a dedicated clinic for PCOD. In fact, we are going to set up many such specialized clinics focusing on different aspects of women’s health.’

The W Hospital has enrolled top doctors from around the world as visiting faculty. It is also opening offices in Dubai, Oman, Nigeria and Kenya to target medical tourists. Gurgaon has become the mecca of medical tourism in India but a dedicated health facility for women is what has been missing. The opening of W Hospital strengthens the healthcare offerings of the city not only for Indians but also for international patients.

The grand opening ceremony of the W Hospital was attended by hundreds of guests from the entire Delhi-NCR region including senior bureaucrats, members of NGOs, women health activists, doctors, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders. The event was preceded by a two-hour-long panel discussion on women’s health that included prominent thought leaders from the corporate, legal and NGO fraternity.

About Pratiksha Hospitals:

Pratiksha Hospitals is an established name in East India, with over 20 years of experience in providing quality healthcare. Medical excellence, patient-centric approach, focus on scientific research, and transparent practices have made Pratiksha Hospitals one of the most trusted and valued providers in the field of healthcare. Apart from Gurgaon, Pratiksha Hospitals also exist in Dibrugarh, Kolkata, Guwahati and Orissa.




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