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If on preliminary investigation, semen report and hormonal reports comes normal, you may be suggested for some medicines with timed intercourse. Or Doctor may advice you for Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)/IVF.

For IUI & IVF, You will be prescribed some Hormonal medicines from Day2 or Day3 of your menstrual cycle to develop required number of mature follicles. Dose of medicines and type of medicines will differ from IUI to IVF treatment and from patient to patient. These medicines have to be taken on daily basis for a minimum of 8 days to a maximum of 12 days (This is called Hormonal stimulation). As these medicines are generally available in the form of injectables, you have to stay near the centre for regular and timely injections or to arrange one nurse /pharmacist for the injections near your home.

At the end of the stimulation, you will be given one hCG injection for shedding of Oocytes from the ovary
For IUI, Your husband’s semen sample will be asked on the 2nd day from hCG injection. Semen sample will be prepared in a scientific way to keep and enhance the good quality sperms and then will be inseminate into your uterus through a device called catheter. This whole treatment nearly takes about 9 to 12 days from the 2nd day of menstruation to day of insemination. Patient does not essentially need to stay near the centre and Husband’ presence is required on the day of insemination for the semen sample and for signing the consent.

For IVF treatment, instead of insemination as in IUI treatment, a minor surgical procedure will be required which will be carried out under general anesthesia to retrieve your eggs from ovary (this is called Ovum Pick-up or OPU). Same day your husband’s semen sample will be processed for In-Vitro Fertilization and ICSI procedures. Embryo replacement will be done on 3rd or 4th day from the day of OPU.

The whole IVF treatment needs nearly 13 to 16 days from the 2nd day of menstruation

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