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You will receive a warm welcome from our front office staff at the reception. Get your registration done at the front office desk. The front office staff at the reception desk will help you to choose your infertility specialist from the list of Doctors and they will guide you to the consultation room.

On your first day of Consultation, Doctor may ask you for your following investigations initially, to know the root cause of the infertility.

That is why if you can arrange your 1st day of appointment on day 2 or day 3 of menstruation, you can save one day consultation in your whole IVF treatment.

This is an operative procedure in which a telescope is inserted through the belly button (5 mm incision) so that the tubes and ovaries can be observed clearly.

Dye is injected to check that the tubes are patent (open).

Hysteroscopy is combined with this procedure where a telescope is inserted into the uterine cavity so that the internal contours of the uterus, lining and other internal abnormalities like polyps, myomas, septum and synechia(Intra-uterine adhesions) can be seen and managed.

Depending on the investigation report, your Doctor may advise you for-

Or   other operative procedures.

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